National Day tours still up for grabs
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National Day tours still up for grabs

Many domestic and outbound tours on the occasion of National Day holiday, September 2, are still available as more tour programs have been put on this year while demand is in decline.

Local travel firms started selling tours two months earlier, so anyone making bookings these days might find it hard to stay at a hotel or resort as wished.

Saigontourist Holding Company still has many holiday tours on offer but those of the central coast city of Nha Trang, and Con Dao and Phu Quoc islands have been closed.

The company had taken bookings for around 15,000 guests so far. However, tour bookings remain open as the firm has some on standby, said Doan Thi Thanh Tra, marketing manager of Saigontourist.

Lien Bang Travel Trading Company Limited also has many holiday tours available, except for outbound ones to Cambodia and Hong Kong.

There is strong demand,

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domestic tours, especially those to central Vietnam lasting four or five days at Lien Bang Travelink. Meanwhile, 6- or 7-day outbound trips costing over VND10 million only attract a small number of customers.

“Tour prices are almost unchanged but the current tough economic conditions might have led guests to shelve their travel plans. We saw 98% of our National Day tours sold out last year but, ratio this year is 50-60%,” said Tu Quy Thanh, director of Lien Bang Travelink.


Viettravel said it had not raised travel prices and still had many short-haul tours available, including overland visits to tourist attractions in central and southern Vietnam. Meanwhile, SPSC Tour has closed domestic tours but its outbound tours to regional countries that do not require entry visa stay open.

Cao Pham Hang, director if SPSC Tour, said her company had no policy of selling many domestic tours for fear that service costs during the holiday will soar and moreover travel demand this year was weaker than in the previous year.

Cashew exports fall on rising prices
Viet Nam expects to export no more than 150,000 tonnes of cashew nuts this year, down 48,000 tonnes against last year, according to the Viet Nam Cashew Association (Vinacas).

Speaking at a conference in HCM City yesterday, Vinacas chairman Nguyen Thai Hoc said raw cashew production this year had been about 300,000 tonnes, equal to last year.

As of August 31,,
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imported 200,000 tonnes of raw cashew from Nigeria, Ghana, the Ivory Coast, Indonesia, and Cambodia, Hoc said, adding that about 30,000-40,000 tonnes would be imported from Africa this month.

Imports will cease in the fourth quarter of this year and the first quarter of next year due to high prices and low quality.

There is enough raw cashew for processing for export this,
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but a shortage of 150,000-200,000 tonnes would occur in the first quarter of next year.

Hoc said the country exported more than 107,500 tonnes of cashew nuts, earning US$857.17 million in the first eight months of the year.

That was a decline of 13 per cent in volume but an increase of more than 25 per cent in value year-on-year. Cashew processors and exporters have faced, difficulties this year, including a shortage of capital and labourers and higher input costs, Hoc said.

Recently, many enterprises were forced to sell the nuts at lower prices to settle bank loans.

Hoc said Vinacas would send a petition to the State Bank of Viet Nam to suggest the bank to extend loan term for enterprises by three months.

N. Ashok, director of the India-based Orion Commodities and Services Pvt.Ltd, a buyer of Vietnamese cashews, said similar to Viet Nam, India's cashew export volume this year was expected to be lower as well.

Cashew prices reached an all-time high this year.

"Despite the problems in the global economy, demand for cashew nuts has not gone down," he said.

The US imported less in May and June but consumption in the Middle East and some new markets increased in the first half of the year.

Currently, the volume held by buyers is lower than what they need in the next four months, he said.

A slightly upward trend for prices will be expected over, Ha giang vietnam, period.

Ashok also called on local companies to focus more on maintaining the nut's quality to ensure the Viet Nam's prestige as the world's largest cashew supplier.

International tourism investment promotion conference kicks off in HCM City

Representatives from four regional countries are determined to co-operate to enhance their tourism sectors in order to, Ha Giang tours, socio-economic development.

The International Tourism Investment Promotion Conference "Four Countries – One Destination" 2011 to enhance regional tourism development in Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar and Viet Nam kicked off this morning in HCM City.

Attendees included Thong Khon, Cambodia Minister of Tourism, Bosengkham Vongdala, Lao Minister of Information, Culture and Tourism, Tint Hsan, Myanmar Minister of Hotels and Tourism, Hoang Tuan Anh, Viet Nam Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism, and HCM City chairman Le Hoang Quan.

"The conference reveals the common determination of the four countries in intensifying co-operation and attracting investment," said Hoang Tuan Anh in his opening speech.

Tourism in a crucial factor in attracting foreign currencies, creating jobs, increasing incomes, eliminating hunger and reducing poverty, he said.

Despite many advantages, the tourism sector in each of the four countries faces many difficulties, including low economic growth, a lack of synchronised tourism, Labour and employment lawyer Labour and employment lawyer, Vietnam footwear wins Brazil dumping lawsuit There are some similarities between the Law on Intellectual Property... and a shortage of qualified human resources, Anh said.

Last year, the four countries welcomed around 10.9 million international tourists, up 25 per cent year-on-year.

Viet Nam expects to serve 10.3 million international tourists and 47.5 million domestic tourists in 2020 with numbers rising to 18 million and 71 million respectively in 2030, Anh said.

The country would, Hotel in Sapa Hotel in Sapa, Travel demand decrease puts hotels in very reduced circumstances The hotel began its operation in 2004, while it has the land leasing duration of 20 years more. US$94.2 billion into developing 39 national resorts, 30 national destinations and 10 tourism cities in the near future, he said.

MoIT approves 50,000 tonnes of high-quality salt imports

The Ministry of Industry and Trade granted domestic companies permission to import 50,000 tonnes of high-quality salt for use in chemical production.

This year's second batch of imported salt, which aims at mediating raw material shortages in chemical companies, meets a portion of the 2011 import quota, the ministry said.

Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development statistics show that Viet Nam consumes more than one million tonnes of salt each year.

While the country is able to meet the demand in terms of quantity, its domestic salt industry can not produce the quality required by the medical sector and other industries.

International Travel Expo opens in HCM City

The ‘International Travel Expo Ho Chi Minh City